Born in Munakata, Fukuoka in 1978

Refusing to go to the elementary school but getting through the hard time,
 I finally had a happy childhood.

In 1999, one picture book, “Snow” by Uri Shulevitz
touched my soul deeply and led me to make picture books.

My first book, “Motto Okina Taiho wo
(Tentative title: A King and his Cannon)” in 2003,
was admitted as the most peaceful book and translated into various Asian languages.
The books have been contributed to the children
who resident in a conflict-affected region through the domestic volunteer activity.

My policy is to make the picture books bring
exciting, happy and warm feelings to 
both children and adults happy.​​​​​​​

Other works:
“Megane kun and Hadashi kun (Tentative title: Mr Glasses and Mr Barefoot)”,
“Enma no Haisya (Tentative title: Dentist for the Underworld Kking)” and
“Ana no Hanashi (Tentative title: The story of Hole)” by KAISEI SYA
“Kogitsune Ton chan Kisya ni noru (Tentative title: Little Fox Ton Riding on a Train)”
by Kyouikugageki
“Densya datte…(Tentative title: Even Train is…)” by Bronze Publishing Inc.
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